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“Putting Heads in Beds” 

Drab linen is a nightmare for any hotel’s image.

I cannot wait to go back to that place with the scratchy towels and rumpled bed sheets

—said no one ever.

According to the research by Berendsen UK, a staggering 96% of people would be less likely to return if their bed linen and towels are stained or of a poor quality, with 95% stating that they would tell others about their bad experience.

It’s true when they say, image is everything. Especially for 4-star and 5-star hotels.

Maintaining perfection in the quality of your rooms is critical to maintaining your brand’s positive image.

Your linen inventory and management is a huge part of this success.

Think About This:

A hotel with poor F&B or none at all

Your guest would probably visit the bustling restaurant next door

A hotel with no bar?

Your guest would probably hang out at the nearest watering hole

But what about a hotel with less-than-stellar linen?

Your guest has no choice and you’ve created an unhappy customer

You never want your guests to complain about their experience, especially the linen

Reality Check

In fact, you want your hotel linen and laundry operations to be running so smoothly that your guests barely notice the magic behind it.

Better yet:

Imagine if they do notice and mention the quality of their sheets or towels in an extraordinary glowing review.

And then imagine if your morning stand-ups are taking so long because you’re always talking about the high ratings from guests!

Regardless of whether it’s slow or busy, knowing that your linens are always available, crisp, and clean is one less headache to worry about.

You don’t want to be bogged down with housekeeping issues; you want to know your guests are always in the comfort of perfectly pristine quarters.

Since managing a hotel is an unbelievable task of juggling many different areas of the operation—attention to small details make the biggest difference in guest satisfaction. The details matter to us, too.

We care about your guests, as well as your brand image.

That’s why we wake up every day (early!) fulfilling our mission:

To sustainably deliver dependable and cost-effective advanced linen management solutions that help hotels achieve higher occupancy, better room revenues, and optimal guest satisfaction.

Simply put, we fill a significant gap for the four L’s of housekeeping: linen, laundry, logistics, and labor.