Environmentally Friendly Dr. Linen Products

We value saving time, money, and especially the environment. Our eco-friendly antimicrobial linen stays fresh, smells clean, and is safe to use on the skin. This scientifically-proven technology prohibits the growth of bacteria and viruses on the fabric surface, plus saves 30% of water use per piece of linen.

Worried about meeting your brand standards and style? 

Our innovative linen products can also be customized to match your exact needs for fabric, weave, thread count, and more.

Equipped with RFID tags for easy tracking

It's 100% safe on the human body

Free RFID reader with your purchase*

Competitive Pricing to match your requirements

Upgrade to rental option to scale operations

* Conditions Apply


If you are interested in knowing more about our Dr. Linen products, please get in touch with us