Linen Rental (Short Term & Annual Contracts)

The easiest way to have a worry-free and Zero Capex operations for your business

  • Pay only for what you use
  • Short term & annual contracts for easy management
  • Scale-down or scale up as needed

With our worry-free linen rental services, you don’t have to shell out tons of cash to continually buy inventory for your rooms or fix age-old laundry equipment if it breaks when you need it most. We offer convenient long-term or short-term contracts—pay only for the linen you use, including collection and delivery

Laundry Services

Laundry services with an upgrade to our linen rental model.

  • Mapped to closest laundry to avoid delays
  • Certified laundries to ensure hygiene and quality
  • Managed by our 24×7 contact center
  • Up to 5% savings on your laundry expenses
  • Easy to manage annual contracts

Designed to reduce operational costs, our laundry services will save you at least 5% from the start—whether you rent with us or own your linen. A qualified network of professional cleaning facilities are in close proximity to your property and managed around the clock with safe hygiene protocols in place.


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SleepAngel Pillows

  • Comes with 2 years warranty
  • Clinically proven to block viruses, allergens, microbes and mold
  • Highly specialized nano-porous filter composite

SleepAngel Pillows are approved by FDA uses patented PneumaPure filter technology to protect from bacteria and viruses. It is also a proven barrier against Coronavirus.

Dr. Linen Bed & Bath Linen

  • Treated with Eco-Friendly antimicrobial chemical
  • It’s 100% safe on the human body
  • Competitive pricing
  • Customization to match brand specification
  • Upgrade to rental option to scale operations

Our eco-friendly antimicrobial linen stays fresh, smells clean, and is safe to use on the skin. This scientifically-proven technology prohibits the growth of bacteria and viruses on the fabric surface, plus saves 30% of water use per piece of linen.

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